As podiatrists and surgeons in Utah, we know the difficulty of days when your feet or ankles are causing you so much pain that it interferes with everyday life. Sometimes an outpatient treatment can provide you with a solution to your sprain or other foot injuries. However, for the more complex problems, our Salt Lake City doctors are experienced in performing the necessary surgeries, and our office staff in Bountiful, Draper, and Tooele will administer proper aftercare to help you return to your everyday life.

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Many musculoskeletal injuries manifest through painful symptoms in the foot and ankle. Some of the more common ailments our doctors see are Plantar Fasciitis, bunions, toe fungus, sprains, and sports medicine related injuries. A visit to our podiatrist’s offices in Bountiful, Tooele or Draper can help you return to your healthy and active lifestyle that may have been limited by your foot or ankle injury.

Many foot and ankle injuries require surgery as a part of the treatment and recovery process. When choosing a podiatrist for your treatment, you’ll want to find the best doctor in Salt Lake City. Each of the surgeons at our Tooele, Draper, and Bountiful offices have a wealth of experience and are supported by cutting-edge technology for effective surgical and non-surgical treatment options. If your condition will require reconstructive surgery, you can rest assured that the doctors and surgeons at Utah Foot & Ankle Specialists are some of most sought-after podiatrists in the Salt Lake City region.

When you first begin experiencing pain, soreness, or other irritation in your feet or ankles, we recommend calling our Draper, Bountiful or Tooele offices to schedule an appointment with our doctors. When dealing with sports injuries, such as a sprain, our podiatrists recommend rest, ice, compression and elevation to reduce painful symptoms. For ailments, such as bunions or fungus, proper foot care before visiting the doctor can prevent worsening symptoms.