When muscles move in unusual ways or are overused in a variety of repetitive-motion activities, the tendons can become damaged, causing pain and discomfort.

For many people, the answer is rest, stretching, bracing, medicine or injections. In some cases, however, when tendons don't properly heal, patients must often consider invasive surgical procedures that involve removing the tissue resulting in lengthy recovery periods.

A revolutionary new medical device called the TOPAZ MicroDebrider, is now available, offering a minimally invasive alternative for the treatment of tendons. This technology is rapidly being adopted by surgeons around the country specializing in sports medicine procedures. TOPAZ is the only radiofrequency wand indicated for the debridement of tendons.

How TOPAZ Works!

The TOPAZ MicroDebrider is applied on and around the tendon for half-second duration treatments a quarter inch apart until a grid-like pattern is formed. With every fourth application, the device is inserted deeper into the tendon - approximately a quarter inch in depth. Small amounts of tissue are removed as a light application of radiofrequency energy is guided into the tissue. TOPAZ treatment typically takes less than 20 minutes to administer. Patients are ready to leave the clinic once recovered from local or light sedation.

In short, TOPAZ provides patients with a minimally invasive alternative to surgical debridement resulting in quick recovery times. The traditional surgical procedure stipulates cutting a large incision at the bottom of the foot. This can flatten the arch and decrease foot stability, causing a lengthy and painful recovery as well as permanent disruption to the biomechanical structure of the foot.

In contrast, TOPAZ is a minimally invasive technique, requiring only a small incision for treatment purposes. Additionally, since the TOPAZ MicroDebrider preserves the anatomical structure of the tissue, it allows for quick return to activities of daily living.

To watch the TOPAZ procedure Click Here!

Patient info on TOPAZ Click Here!



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