Patient Testimonials

"Great people all around. Dr Anderson was great at explaining my situation, and my follow-up visit was equal or better than the first! Office staff is outstanding.  " - William

"Surgical equipment and feet don't usually bring about feelings of calm....but you and your staff calmed my nerves (that might be because of the anesthesia). It may seem odd but I found my time in the office great. Not only did I get to sit in one of those great doctor chairs but I got to have a my toe fixed. Thanks!!"   - Max

"This has been a difficult surgery but your team has been fantastic! They all, including the doctors, have answered my many questions, and never made me feel like they didn't have all the time in the world to help me. Every phone call and office visit has been fantastic!" - Kayla

"I had bone spur and plantar fascia surgery. It's been life changing! I haven't been this pain-free in a decade."  -Douglas

"You are a great Doc Dr. Seagle! Emily is already successfully running track. She started running a couple of months ago, just 4 months post surgery. Thank you!"  -Brett

Go Emily! We are happy your doing well. Emily was suffering with severely flat feet. She had bilateral subtalar implant foot surgery.

" I had been suffering from pain in my right heel or arch for a few years. The problem was confusing because I could hardly walk upon getting out of bed in the morning. I was forced to limp because of the pain. (I wanted to crawl to the toilet but found that too embarrassing.) Later in the day it gradually became tolerable but not pain free. I thought I just needed more comfortable shoes so I bought gell pads for my shoes which helped a little during the day, but didn't solve the problem. Every morning I just couldn't walk for awhile. I found days that I had to walk a lot my foot would throb and the pain was bad at night. I had been thinking about what to do about this. Someone mentioned I must have Plantar Fasciitis. I checked it out online to learn more about it. I then decided to go to a foot comfort store and invest in good shoes and arch supports. It helped a little but it was not solving my problem. I learned of this new procedure done at Dr Anderson's office. I thought it sounded like chasing rainbows but decided I would make an appointment to discuss it. He explained the procedure to me and how easy it was with a very quick recovery. I still had my doubts but decided to trust him. It was quick. I took off work the day of the procedure and the following day to relax and not do much walking. Boy, was I surprised. After the numbness wore off I thought it was going to be painful but a couple of Tylenol was enough. My foot  felt a little different for the first week, but then I noticed the pain I was used to was gone!  I was afraid I was going to overwork the foot and make the procedure ineffective, so I almost cancelled some plans to vacation with my family at Zion's National Park 3 days after the procedure . I told them I probably wouldn't want to try to keep up with them. The first day I did easy hikes and the second day I did a moderate hike. I have been pain-free ever since the procedure. I forget that I ever had the problem. I guess you can say I have become a believer. The dry needling procedure has improved the quality of my life. It really does work."  
 - Norm

" I am so grateful I found Dr. Seagle! I had been suffering from chronic foot/heel pain as the result of a running injury. The initial injury happened July 2010 and I tried to baby it back to health myself until May 2011. Which meant quitting what I loved to do...running! Dr. Seagle diagnosed my injury, told me my options, and found out quickly I was not a fan of surgery (which he didn't want to do right away either). He told me about the dry needling procedure and performed it August 2011. I discovered relief within 2 weeks, but had to continue into physical therapy over time due to the extent of my injury. It's been a long road for me, but healing takes time. Now I am able to run 3 days a week, 8 miles at a time! Dr. Seagle knew my goal to get back to running and he helped me reach it instead of telling me I could never run again! I have my freedom back! " - Tami

“I had been struggling with plantar fasciitis for a couple of years. At the point where I could no longer run without extreme pain, I made a appointment with Dr. Anderson. He recommended the dry needling procedure in lieu of surgery. It would be much less invasive and the recovery time would be less than a month. I agreed to do the procedure and true to his claims, the procedure took less than an hour. I recovered in a boot and sock for about a week and then started wearing regular shoes. This past weekend, I took my first short run with no pain in that heel during or after the run!  I am very pleased with the results and would highly recommend the procedure." 
- Jeannine

"Dr. Ryan Anderson recently performed a dry needling procedure on my left foot. This occurred after a break and sprain of my left foot; and after many, many months of suffering with both plantar fasciitis and an intensely painful bone spur. The dry needling procedure (microplantar fasciotomy)  not only provided great relief but also allowed me much greater mobility, pain free. Especially, since before the procedure, each step I took was excruciatingly painful. I can't praise Dr. Anderson's skill, sensitivity, and expertise enough! Combined with the fact that he has a well trained/top notch support staff. This procedure was done in his office and avoided the more costly alternative of foot surgery--requiring an extended rehabilitation period. With this procedure available, no one should suffer like I did. Thanks so much Dr. Anderson and staff!" - Sally


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